Saturday, February 22, 2014


Hey! So I am tired and sore! My dog got surgery Wed. Guess what? He busted open his stitches and we drove to the emergency animal clinic at midnight. I went to bed at 2am and slept till 1:40pm.Poor thing has to wear a cone now! Sorry I haven't been posting I will try a lot harder! xoxo

Monday, December 16, 2013

A Whole New Place Ch. 1: Good Morning :)

(Disclaimer: This is my own story! I write this in my free time. These are my own characters. Enjoy!XoXo)

Annabelle woke up. She looked at her clock. It read 7:15am. School starts at 9:25am. She got up and brushed her hair and teeth. When she finished she walked down the long hallway and turn left to her brother's, Eric, room. He was still sleeping. She decided that she was going to make breakfast today. She walked down her stairs in which the family photos hung on the wall. She glanced and smiled at each of them. As she entered the kitchen she made coffee. She poured herself cereal and milk. She made her brother some toast with cinnamon, cinnamon-sugar, and some homemade maple syrup from their old home. Lastly she sprinkled some powdered sugar on top. She set the table with some hand picked flowers from yesterday. While she was eating her brother came from behind and hugged her. "Thanks" He said smiling like he was a child on Christmas morning. They enjoyed that breakfast. Eric offered to wash the dishes so Annabelle walked back up to her room. She got dressed in her usual outfit. She normally a cute dress, todays color was a bright pink, paired with a floral belt. Lastly she wore some white converse to make it casual and a black jacket with elbow length sleeves. She left her bright blonde hair down but straightened it. She did her makeup then grabbed her bag and took it down with her. It was only 8:30. She grabbed her camera and went outside. It was gorgeous with the sun shinning making it warm and cozy. "You coming" her brother asked as he got into their red convertible. She nodded and grabbed her backpack. She hopped in and they both buckled up. "Have you talked to mom or dad yet" He asked her. Annabelle shook her head no. She didn't talk much. She smiled and sang along as her favorite song came on. She had a beautiful voice.

They pulled up to school about 10-15 min later. She looked at her brother nervously. It was her first day of school. They just moved into California that summer. He gave her a hug. "It will be fine Bella" He whispered in her ear. She nodded. They walked up to the school when Annabelle noticed some auburn hair. "Tess?" The girl turned around. "Oh my god!" she called, "Is that you Belle?" Both smiled and hugged each other. "I thought you moved to Florida" claimed Annabelle. "Well yeah but we decided to be here instead" Tessa responded, "Hi Eric! How are ya?" She asked not a flaw in her voice. " I'm great!" He answered, "What about you?" The bell rung right after he asked. Tessa shrugged it off and waved goodbye. Eric started up realizing that his little sister wasn't next to her. She was still standing there looking more nervous than ever. He grabbed her arm "Come on let's get our schedule"

"These are what your classes are going to look like." Said the principle, "You have 3 warnings of being late to class starting in September since it is your first time here. Here are the handbooks so look them over. Here is both your id's and your library card." She handed them each of those items. "I will give you a tour but before you begin do you have any questions?" Annabelle looked up from the floor "What...." Annabelle mumbled. "Speak up dear nobody can hear you from down there." Annabelle looked at her brother. "She asked what about after school clubs and activities" he said loud and clear. Ms. Harrison, the principle, stared a moment. Then she turned to the filing cabinets behind her desk. She pulled out two sheets listing all of the clubs and extra circulars there were at the school. Now I assume you would like to see the school.

After the tour of the school Ms. Harrison showed them their classrooms. Annabelle recognized nobody in her class. "This is Ms. Annabelle Hansen." Exclaimed the principle She is our new student this year. Want to introduce yourself Ms. Hansen?"  Annabelle turned red. She nodded her head no. "Come on, there is nothing to be scared about." Annabelle still didn't say a word. "Fine" Ms. Harrison turned and walked out the door. Everyone payed no attention what so ever. Annabelle just smiled politely then sat in the seat farthest away from everyone. Class was 2 hours long and it was a very painful wait. She walked out of class and saw Eric. She hugged him immediately. "Woah. How about we go home and get you settled down. Maybe we shouldn't start yet" Eric said soothingly. That's when they just drove home.

Hey!!! I miss you!

Hey guys! I miss you! I just realized that I haven't been on here in forever! I have finals this week and next week I am on break! I will write a ton or at least try! Just keep an eye out! ILY!!!!!! XoXo

You Are Beautiful

"I am beautiful
No matter what they say
Words can't bring me down
I am beautiful
In every single way
Yes words can't bring me down
So don't you bring me down today"

-Christina Aguilera

Friday, August 9, 2013


Hey! Yeah I slept in a lot today. I got back late last night. I went out of town to compete in my state fair! We lost by just a tiny bit. I was disappointed but I had fun. I am really tired and I am posting a new story. Well maybe. Anyway thanks! Xoxo

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Well a few weeks and school starts again! I have my schedule. Spanish, Algebra, Bio< Health, FMP, Lunch, Symphonic Bands(3rd of 5 bands), Regional World Studies, and English! This year I don't have Math first hour! Ugh I have to compete today. I play the Flute in my schools Marching Band. Its fun but also very hard. I have a hurt knee but I have plenty if Ibuprofen to help it. Actually enough for my whole bus to. Anyway off topic! Ummm, well I am really nervous for school. Especially since I had a rough time in Middle School. I was the girl that didn't have many friends. But I still had friends who were practically siblings! I hope you have a good year! Xoxo

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Last Chance Chapter 4:

After lunch everyone went to their classes. Marie and Maria planned to hang out after school. They went their separate ways. Each of them to a different class. Marie and Maria staring out the window... wondering do they belong here. Then they saw something. They both burst out of their seats and sprinted down the halls outside to see the commotion. Somebody was being bullied. Both of them had felt this way before they didn't like it very much. They stopped on either side while the boys followed on the missing sides. Marie and Maria had both been trained in martial arts. They knew exactly what they were doing. Then as you can image there was an epic fight. (I am not good with fight scenes so you can image.) Of course Marie, Maria, Chris, and Michael won. Later that night they all had fun. They ate dinner at the local diner and they jammed out. But things are getting worrisome for Marie. I think she has to go back home soon. How will the rest of them deal with this?